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Going to the Movies While Staying Safe During COVID-19

The movie theatre business was one of those that were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Cinemas were one of the public spaces that remained closed longer than others. Now that they are reopening, the necessary safety precautions must be taken and adhered to.

While different states have made various provisions for theaters in their vicinity to follow, here are some of the things you should keep in mind when going to see your next movie.

Social distancing

Right from the theater entrance, to getting tickets and snacks, to watching your movie and leaving, it’s essential that appropriate social distancing of 6 feet is maintained. Even if you may be in the same town as other patrons, there’s no way of knowing if they have the virus or not. So the right thing will be to stay away and avoid contact with people as much as you can. The only exception may be people from the same household as you or friends who visited the cinema together.

Use of face masks

Wearing a face mask is an essential criterion for gaining entry into any public venue. Anyone unwilling to use a face mask at all times is denied access to the movie theatre. Therefore it’s essential not to forget this when making movie plans. The only exception to wearing a mask is if a child is below 2 years of age or has specific health issues.

Capacity reduction

Instead of having a full capacity movie theatre, COVID-19 guidelines in most states dictate that cinemas should have about 50% capacity reduction to minimize the possibilities of the spread of the virus. It’s essential to check with your local theater to know what provisions are made, if you’d be allowed in and how to make the appropriate booking beforehand.

Hand washing and sanitizing

Hand hygiene should be practiced not only among patrons, but also among the employees and workers at the cinemas. Look out for handwashing facilities that have been strategically placed at different stations throughout and use them before and after seeing your movie. Instead of handwashing, you can also use hand sanitizers that contain at least 60% alcohol. Most cinemas provide patrons with hand sanitizers, but it wouldn’t hurt to leave home with yours.

Modified concessions and mobile ticketing

Transactions are being modified, and more cashless transactions are encouraged to prevent human contact where possible. Ticket sales are now available online or over the phone, so it’s essential to make purchases beforehand, as it may not be possible to stand in line to buy tickets.

Also, communal foods and snacks that require sharing of serving utensils have been eliminated in most cinemas, so there’s a chance you’re not able to enjoy your favorite snack while seeing a movie.

These tips show how important it is to make preparations ahead of time whenever you have plans to go to the movies. Most state provisions differ from each other, so you may need to check your local directory to know what you can do or not. Conclusively, if you aren’t feeling too well, you should stay home and check yourself.