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Confirmed COVID-19 Cases on the Rise in the US

COVID-19 cases are on the rise again after we saw a downturn in May. With businesses opening up around the states, the spikes seem to be getting larger and larger with the coming days.

On May 13th, we saw a peak of 20,549 while on June 13th we saw a peak of 25,891 which means we saw an increase of over 5,000 new confirmed cases over month to month. We will most likely see higher increases over the summer time with most businesses opening up around the nation.

Safety Measures

It's critical for companies to have sanitized work areas for both employees and customers during these times. Your mission should be to minimize risk and you can achieve that by a couple of ways.

  1. Make sure to sanitize your business before operation. This way customers and employees don't walk into a business where they might get infected with COVID-19.

  2. Clean all areas where people have visited or touched. This is critical to get rid of germs and possible spread of COVID-19.

In the video above you can see how Safe From Spread makes sure that we sanitize any area that has been touched by customers and/or employees. We also make sure to sanitize before or after the business is closed.

Make sure to protect your business and stay Safe From Spread.