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COVID-19 Reaching R 5-6 Levels Making It More Contagious Than Sars & Ebola

Currently, Corona Virus (COVID-19) is a crisis all over the world. Unlike many viruses in the past, COVID-19 has been creating ripples throughout the world in terms of health concerns. This can be seen through the R scale.

The R0 scale determines the factor of how fast the disease can spread to others. The dangerous virus, EBOLA, had a rating of R=2. SARS has a rating around R 2-4. But COVID-19 has been measured at around 5-6 levels which makes it almost double that of SARS and EBOLA.

Having a virus that can spread a lot quicker than the other two mentioned above it quite alarming and proves how easily it can spread. To date, there have been 7.27 million confirmed cases worldwide with over 413,000+ deaths thus far. The U.S. alone has over 2.07 million cases with over 116,000+ deaths recorded.

With businesses opening up we are going to see this virus spread more widely and more quickly in the coming days and months. Make sure to keep your business safe from spread and if you need a professional service, please make sure to reach out to us and schedule a professional sanitation service.