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Why Do You Need a Professional Disinfection Service for Your Business?

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, several companies that render cleaning and disinfection services have emerged to provide disinfection and sanitizing services to companies and households.

As a business owner you might be wondering why you should bother hiring a professional disinfecting agency when you can do it yourself.

There are several reasons you need to consider leaving the job of disinfecting your workplace to professional disinfection services. Here are some of them.

Use of Professional Equipment

The use of professional disinfecting equipment is one of the major differences between a “Do It Yourself” disinfection and one done by a professional disinfection company.

To ensure that your premises, equipment, and workstations are properly disinfected, professional disinfecting agencies such as Safe From Spread use solutions with industrial-grade hydrogen peroxide to get into the tightest spaces and sanitize areas that typically aren’t touched by wiping down with rags.

Safe From Spread can sanitize virtually any surface. Since the solution used relies on the power of oxygen, you don’t have to worry about harmful residues or last odors.

There is a very high chance that most business owners would not have industrial disinfection equipment lying around. Of course, why should they? It is not going to be a worthwhile investment to them unless the services they offer involve using this equipment frequently.

More so, some staff members would have to take the time to learn how to operate these machines before they can use them efficiently.

Therefore, it’s more economical to hire a disinfection agency that already has the machine, materials, and trained staff available to help disinfect your premises. This way, your business gets the best disinfection services at a relatively affordable price.

Dynamic Use of Cleaning Materials and trained staff

It is likely that as a business owner, you don’t have the time to invest in learning about all the different types of disinfectants that are suitable for specific surfaces, the best way to clean different surfaces based on their composite material, and the best cleaning strategies for optimum results.

All of the above tasks are what the disinfection team of a professional disinfection agency is trained for. Different types of surfaces require the use of different disinfectants, and this, therefore, means there is a need to know the right one to use for each surface.

Sensitive equipment like IT gears requires specialized cleaning methods and solvents to prevent them from being damaged by the disinfectant. Adding that to the fact that a professional agency has a team that is specially trained to disinfect surfaces in ways that ensure that they stay clean for a longer duration, you might begin to see why you are better off hiring a disinfecting agency.

Least Expensive Option over Time

The biggest fear for most people is that professional disinfecting and sanitizing agencies that would deliver the best quality services are very expensive and might not be worth the investment over time. The truth is, a professional disinfecting and sanitizing agency would likely save you some bucks in the end, especially during this pandemic period, where every business is required to disinfect their premises.

Depending on your contract with a disinfecting agency, your premises are likely to be cleaned and disinfected several times a week, be provided with sanitization stations, essential PPEs, and employee safety education. This means you get to spend little or nothing on cleaning and disinfecting chemicals, and pay less for more in terms of value received.

Are You Ready to Hire a Disinfecting and Sanitizing Agency?

Safe From Spread is a commercial sanitizing and disinfecting franchise that partners with small, medium, and international corporations to help protect their employees and customers with extensive sanitization techniques.