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Ensuring Safety for a Retail Business During COVID-19

Society, as a whole, relies heavily on retail businesses to get most of the goods that they require daily. This means that if you are a retail business owner, your employees will come in contact with many people from various neighborhoods, and backgrounds.

It is, therefore, your duty to keep your employees safe, as well as your customers, by practicing various safety practices during COVID-19.

Listed below are some of the key ways to ensure safety in a retail business during COVID-19.

Adequately educate your employees and customers about safety practices for your business

As a means of keeping your customers and employees safe, you need to educate both your employees and customers on practices that would ensure their safety while they shop.

For customers, you can put up posters that explain in clear but summarized context why they should shop alone, and reduce their visit to the retail shop.

Also, it would help if you had a clear rule that prevents people with symptoms from coming into the store. Anyone with symptoms should be required to stay home, or use both gloves and masks when shopping. You should avoid people paying with cash as much as you can.

For your employees, set up safety practices such as the use of PPE, frequent cleaning of surfaces, washing of hands, and social distancing that must be followed.

Frequent Cleaning, Disinfection, and the Installation of Washing Stations

According to the guidelines provided by the CDC for retail businesses, it is recommended that you clean shared surfaces as often as possible. This means that you should provide your cleaning staff with the materials needed to clean your business area as frequently as possible.

After every business day, your cleaning staff should take time out to disinfect the whole store, focusing on high traffic areas.

To ensure that your customers and employees have easy access to soap, water, and hand sanitizers, it is recommended that you install sanitization stations in various locations in your store.

A disinfecting company like SafeFromSpread can help you with the installation of sanitization stations in your retail store.

Since shopping carts are going to be used quite frequently by various customers, you should have a dedicated team whose sole purpose is to disinfect shopping carts before putting back in place.

Ensure that both your employees and customers use PPE at all times to reduce the possibility of spread. Thankfully, you can easily get PPE gear for your employees now that businesses have reopened.

Limited Store Hours

While the goal of many store owner is to be open for as many hours in the day as possible to be able to provide goods to customers that might need them at any time, it is advised that for retail store owners, the store opening hours should be limited to allow more time for activities like restocking, cleaning, and disinfection.

This is important since it ensures that your staff members do not have to worry about avoiding customers while carrying out their duties.

The safety of your employees and customers should be the priority of retail store owners in this COVID-19 period. If you want your premises to be properly disinfected and cleaned by a professional cleaning agency, you should employ the services of SafeFromSpread.

SafeFromSpread carries out functions like workplace sanitization, hands-free door installation, safety station installations, custom signage design, and installation, and provides comprehensive safety education for your staff.

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