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Safety Tips for Restaurants During COVID-19

Restaurants are one of the many businesses that were hit the most by the lockdown measures and COVID-19 in general. Now that companies are gradually opening back for business, restaurants are required to maintain strict safety standards to ensure that their customers are safe.

Here are some of the safety tips to follow for restaurant owners during COVID-19.

Provision and the Use of PPE

Thankfully, most countries now have enough PPE for health workers and the members of the general public. Therefore, it is easier to get personal protective equipment (PPE) for your employees. As a restaurant owner, your employees need to show the highest level of cleanliness and safety precautions observation.

You should do your best to provide PPE for your employees and ensure that no one in your restaurant handles anything without having PPE on. You can also ask your cleaning agency to provide medical-grade PPE for you. SafeFromSpread is an excellent one to try.

Make Handwashing an Integral Part of Your Business

Handwashing has been one of the most effective ways of preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Also, as a business that relies heavily on handling food items, it is impossible to overemphasize the need for handwashing in your industry.

It is crucial that you make it compulsory for members of your staff to adopt handwashing practices while at the restaurant.

Listed below are some of the instances when hand washing is required:

  • Immediately when a staff member arrives at the restaurant.

  • In-between every order prepared by individual staff members.

  • After coming in contact with surfaces shared by others.

  • When they come back from any break, i.e., smoke, bathroom, etc.

  • After handling money in any way.

  • When they are about to leave for the day.

To make this process easy and effective for your staff, you need to stock your restaurant with soaps, towels, cleaning solutions, and recommended hand sanitizers.

If you prefer to focus on running your restaurant instead and prefer that a professional disinfecting agency handle this aspect of your business, you can contact SafeFromSpread.

Limit the Number of People that handle Food

It is easier to ensure that the hygiene of the food prepared in your restaurant is top-notch if you limit the number of people that handle food. This way, you can easily apply stringent rules to those that are in charge of preparing food, as well as those that deliver or serve them.

You may be required to reorganize the general workflow of your kitchen to make this process more effective and seamless.

Cleaning and Disinfection

Unlike most businesses around the world, restaurants require the frequent inflow and outflow of customers, as well as delivery staff. Therefore, to ensure that your business area is safe from the COVID-19 virus, then you would need to clean your workplace as frequently as possible.

It would be best if you had a separate staff in charge of cleaning tabletops and seats after customers leave. Also, at the end of every week, you should find the time to disinfect the entire restaurant. You can hire the services of SafeFromSpread to deliver professional cleaning and disinfection service to your restaurant.

SafeFromSpread carries out functions like workplace sanitization, hands-free door installation, safety station installations, custom signage design, and installation, and provides comprehensive safety education for your staff.

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