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Cleaning and Disinfecting Churches during COVID-19: Disinfection Tips

Churches were one of the first institutions that closed down after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. While churches and other religious institutions are still considered high-risk areas for people to gather, many states now allow churches to open for service. To ensure that church-goers, workers, and leaders are kept safe during the COVDI-19 pandemic, it is necessary to clean and disinfect churches properly.

We came up with this mini-guide on how to clean and disinfect churches during COVID-19. Read on to find out more.

Reducing the need to clean and alleviating the stress associated with the process

  • Depending on your church's size and several other factors, you should think about some of the ways in which you can make the disinfection process easier. A good example would be to reduce access to certain parts of the building.

  • High contact surfaces should be kept free of items and should only have essential items on them. This reduces the number of items that can get contaminated and how often cleaning and disinfection need to be carried out.

  • Instructions and tags such as “disinfect after use” should be used for high contact surfaces and items to ensure that church members can help in the disinfection process rather than rely on a dedicated church worker.

  • Doors can be kept open (fire safety and security should be taken into account) to improve airflow within the church. Also, by restricting access to certain parts of the building with a reduced airflow, the risk of infection is reduced greatly.

  • Training can be administered to certain members of the church cleaning crew and workers to ensure that everyone is up to speed on the health safety procedures for the church.

Disinfecting and sanitizing a church (huge ones) can be a very overwhelming task that might stretch your church members to their limit and leave little time for actual church activities.

Commercial sanitizing and disinfecting companies like SafeFromSpread can help to carry out the thorough disinfection of your church premises. This way, you can focus on heading the church services while Ppofessional disinfecting and sanitizing companies like SafeFromSpread can help you make the disinfection process comfortable and more effective.