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How to Disinfect Your Bank and Keep It Germ-Free During COVID-19

While many businesses such as banks, restaurants, and more are now allowed to open, various organizations have had to rethink their cleaning and disinfecting strategies to ensure that their employees and customers stay safe. Although for some people, the worst of the pandemic seems to be over, it is still the responsibility of business owners to ensure the health safety of their workers and customers.

For banks especially, it is common to have a commercial disinfecting company like SafeFromSpread come to do thorough disinfection of all your high-contact surfaces and other areas at high risk of harboring an infection. Certain places in the bank require frequent and consistent disinfection. However, it may be too expensive or inconvenient to have a commercial disinfecting company disinfect such areas every day of the week.

To help you maintain good hygiene in your bank, we came up with a checklist that includes the various areas that should be frequently disinfected and cleaned and how often the process should be done.

Daily Tasks

  • Glass doors, windows, and partitions should be polished and disinfected.

  • Door handles should be disinfected.

  • Furniture should be wiped down with the proper disinfectant.

  • Clean ATM’s frequently throughout the day

  • Sinks, toilets, and countertops should be cleaned and disinfected.

  • Items like hand sanitizers, soaps, and other supplies should be replaced.

  • Cleanse tellers work station after each customer.

  • Discard pens after each use.

  • Wipe down pin pads between clients.

  • Disinfect electronic items the proper way and with the right disinfectants.

Weekly Tasks

  • Teller stations should be polished and properly disinfected.

  • Metal and Wooden doors should be wiped down.

  • Toilets and Sinks should be scrubbed before they are disinfected.

  • Restock any bulk storage of disinfectants, PPEs, and Sanitizers.

Monthly Tasks

  • Entrances, landings, and staircases should be power washed.

  • Woods should be polished before disinfection.

  • All overhead fixtures should be cleaned.

  • Steam cleaning of carpets, rugs, and more should be carried out.

  • Unused items should be removed from teller shelves and dusted before replacement.

  • Refrigerators, cabinets, and similar storage systems should be emptied and thoroughly cleaned.

  • Sinks and drains should be cleaned and disinfected.

Awareness of just how quickly and easily a virus can spread is the first line of defense in preventing it altogether. In addition to disinfecting and sanitizing services, SafeFromSpread can also help you educate and train your team on the best practices and standard operating procedures for fighting the spread of illnesses. This will empower your employees to make healthy decisions in the workplace.

SafeFromSpread also carries out functions like workplace sanitization, hands-free door installation, safety station installations, custom signage design, and installation, and provides comprehensive safety education for your staff.