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Dental Clinic Cleaning Checklist during COVID-19

Like any other medical facility, dental offices need to be kept clean and sanitized to ensure that patients, doctors, and nurses are kept safe. While dental offices might not be the most visited medical facility, the COVID-19 pandemic makes it necessary to clean and disinfect every active premise as often as humanly possible. As the head of a dental clinic, it is your duty to ensure the safety of your patients during checkups, nurses, and other technicians while they carry out their duties.

This checklist has been made to ensure that the staff and other people in the dental clinic don’t get overwhelmed with the idea of disinfecting every aspect of the facility every time someone new comes in.

The checklist is easy-to-use and absolutely very practical. Check it out below.

High Contact Areas

  • The chairs that patients sit in should be cleaned and disinfected between appointments (this includes armrests and headrests).

  • Never resuse any tools that come in contact with patients.

  • Wipe down the drawer, cabinets, and door handles with clean agents before disinfection.

  • Clean and disinfect electronics like X-ray equipment, phones, and other electronics with the right solutions.

  • The reception desk should be disinfected at least twice daily.

  • Remove magazines from the waiting room.

  • High contact areas like light switches and socket switches should be disinfected daily.

Daily Tasks

  • Floors should be vacuumed and disinfected.

  • Hard surfaces that receive a decent amount of contact should be disinfected.

  • Waiting room chairs need to be disinfected.

  • Toilets and sinks should be scrubbed before they are disinfected.

  • Soap and tissue paper dispensers should be checked daily.

  • Restrooms should be cleaned and disinfected daily.

Weekly Tasks

  • Floor mats should be flipped and dusted.

  • Trash bins should be disinfected.

  • Windows and door frames should be thoroughly dusted.

  • Cobwebs and dust should be cleared from tight corners.

  • Curtains, window drapes, and blinds should be washed and cleaned thoroughly before being disinfected.

  • Metal and wooden doors should be wiped down.

  • Restock any bulk storage of disinfectants, PPEs, and Sanitizers.

Monthly Tasks

  • Lights should be checked for replacements.

  • The refrigerator should be cleaned and disinfected before it is restocked.

  • All window screens should be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly.

Cleaning and disinfecting your dental office yourself is fine. However, it is a good idea to allow a commercial disinfecting and sanitizing company to carry out a thorough sanitization for your dental facility on a regular basis. SafeFromSpread, a commercial sanitizing and disinfecting franchise that partners with small, medium, and national companies to help protect their employees and customers with extensive sanitization techniques, is such a company.