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Barbershops and Covid-19

Nobody wants to feel unsafe in their barber’s chair. However, with COVID-19 affecting every area of our lives, even your favorite barbershop isn’t a perfectly safe haven. Necessary precautions need to be put in place by barbershop owners to make sure they and their customers are protected.

Preparing Ahead of Customer Appointments

First, all barbershop employees need to be trained enough to navigate shop activities through the new normal. Managers and owners can introduce shifts and breaks if the shop happens to be a big one, and ensure that sick employees are mandated to stay back home to avoid possible spread.

It’s recommended that employees use protective equipment like gloves and masks or shields to limit exposure to skin and the inhaling of the virus.

Necessary Safety measures for Barbershops

Encourage employees to stay home when necessary

If any worker complains of COVID-19 symptoms, it’s important to let such a person stay off work and get tested for infection before resuming back to work.

Encourage pre-booking

Ask customers to call ahead of time and book appointments, not just drop in for service. This is to ensure that you can account for those that come into your shop because pre-booking means that you’ll have their details. It also means you can schedule clients to ensure there are never too many people in the shop at one time.

Mandate prior check-in calls

This isn’t the time to have random people walk into the shop for last minute haircuts. Since there’s supposed to be a limited number of customers in the salon at once, have your customers call in first before they come in.

While mandating this, ensure that the required social distancing rules are maintained for customers and workers alike. Workstations and lobby seats should be at least 6 feet apart.

Permit late cancellations

A customer may decide to cancel at the last minute because he doesn’t feel too well. Instead of making him fear cancellation fees, you can allow such customers reschedule without making them pay anything. This encourages sick customers to stay home.

Check for signs

Before customers or employees enter the salon, it’s important to check their temperatures and other signs of illness before they get in.

Upgrade your clean-up game

The beauty of a barbershop is usually that it maintains proper cleaning and sanitizing efforts. But with COVID-19, you’ll discover that you can do a lot more than the regular clean. Ensure you are disinfecting after every client.

Importantly, invest in more deep cleaning to focus on those places you may more or less ignore on a regular day.

Disinfecting may be a lot more than you planned for, and that’s why it’s important to engage professional services like those of SafeFromSpread to use extensive sanitization techniques to keep your employees and customers safe from any possibility of infection.

Mandate safe hand washing or sanitizing

For clients and workers, make sure everyone washes their hands or apply hand sanitizer as they enter into the shop and as soon as they’ve been checked in.

Encourage the use of masks

Wearing face masks ensures that any sick person who manages to make it past your prior routine checks doesn’t spread the virus to other persons within the shop.

No matter how careful you are, there are always ways to take it a step further. Mandate the use of face masks for everyone that comes into your shop.

There’s a lot you’ll need to consider to ensure the safety of your employees and clients. You can tick a box off by allowing SafeFromSpread to handle your thorough disinfecting needs while you deal with the rest!