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Drastic Increase in COVID-19 Cases and Its Implications

Another concept that’s currently more talked about than COVID-19 itself is the second wave of COVID-19.

Just when we are beginning to resume our day-to-day activities, and a level of normalcy started returning to our lives, we are now experiencing a drastic increase in confirmed cases of the Coronavirus. Many locations that saw a high number of the Coronavirus infections at the onset, followed by a decline, are now having a second wave of increased cases.

With the current situation, what does the future hold for us, and how much impact will this have on our lives?

What’s Causing the Increased Rate of Cases?

The answer to this that impacts different parts of the world is that human behavior plays a huge role.

Different individuals, organizations, and government authorities have responded differently to the virus, therefore causing inconsistency in the approach to curbing the virus.

Some states follow and mandate the WHO COVID-19 advice for the public, such as physical distancing, mask-wearing, hand-washing, and disinfections. Other states only prescribe, but don’t enforce, these measures. Some cities have also closed public spaces, or at least practice limitations, while others are operating normally or make it a matter of an individual's conscious intent or volition.

Now, the connection between those precautions and cases of COVID-19 is becoming more evident. In places where fewer people are wearing masks and are gathering indoors to socialize, their cases are on the rise. In contrast, areas that have less of these behaviors are experiencing fewer cases.

As some public spaces like religious centers, stores, restaurants, and bars began to reopen a few months back, people were more than eager to resume some of their regular activities. However, the number of infected people was still high in most areas, and COVID-19 transmission was quickly revitalized as people’s activities and contact with one another increased.

Medical professionals urged communities that are reopening to continue thorough COVID-19 precautions. Nevertheless, the combination of reopening and negligence in these infection prevention efforts have, unfortunately, brought about another rise in COVID-19 confirmed cases.

Are the New Cases Due to More COVID-19 Testing?

Asides from the rate of people testing positive for the virus increasing, there’s also a rise in the number of symptomatic people, hospitalizations, and eventual death. All these indicate that the recent surge isn’t due to more testing alone.

How Can You Prepare for the Second Wave in Your Area?

Most parts of the world are already experiencing the recent surge, but if your area is yet to experience it, you can take steps and prepare. While medical professionals, clinics and hospitals are taking bold steps and equipping their facilities to be able to curb the second wave, here’s a few things you can do to ensure your safety;

  • Continue to practice the COVID-19 precautions, such as physical distancing, hand-washing, and mask-wearing. You can also take conscious steps to disinfect and sanitize your home properly, or get professional services to help you with the task and give you the best results.

  • Stay in touch with your local health authorities for any information relating to the COVID-19 surge rate in your area.

  • Keep your household stocked with food, essential medicines, and other necessary supplies.

  • Keep contact with your doctor to make sure you and your family, especially the children, are up to date on vaccines.

Curbing this second wave of the virus requires everyone’s efforts, and with conscious efforts, we can pool our strengths together and reach the desired end to this pandemic.