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Posts from June, 2020

  • Confirmed COVID-19 Cases on the Rise in the US COVID-19 cases are on the rise again after we saw a downturn in May. With businesses opening up around the states, the spikes seem to be getting larger and larger with the coming days. On May 13th, we saw a peak of 20,549 while on June 13th we saw a peak of 25,891 which ... Continue Reading
  • COVID-19 Reaching R 5-6 Levels Making It More Contagious Than Sars & Ebola Currently, Corona Virus (COVID-19) is a crisis all over the world. Unlike many viruses in the past, COVID-19 has been creating ripples throughout the world in terms of health concerns. This can be seen through the R scale. The R0 scale determines the factor of how fast the ... Continue Reading